a commitment to quality

When you buy a plot of land covered in weeds, it’s hard to imagine that one day soon it will hold a home filled with love and warmth and laughter. At Don Klausmeyer Construction, in Wichita, KS, we are with you every step of the way from the site of a big hole on that land to framing, painting, interior fixtures, and exterior finishes. With over 35 years as home contractors, Klausmeyer helps approximately 100 Wichita families build their first home, their upgraded home, and their dream home each year. We have the expertise, the experience, and the dedication to get you to the finish line, the moment when you unlock the door to your new home and walk inside to see every detail, every fixture exactly where you imagined it.

We pride ourselves in using only the best products and offer 100% James Hardie Siding with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and 45-minute fireguard Toughrock sheetrock. We also use Milgard windows, which offer a full lifetime warranty and ZipWall Dust Barrier System to keep the site clean. Because of the strong, reliable materials we use, when you build a home with Klausmeyer, you are better prepared to face natural disasters and keep your family safe. From starter homes to extravagant manors, we are home contractors who work with all price points. Whether your budget calls for laminate or granite, carpet or hardwoods, we can work with you to build the house you long to come home to each evening.


Don Klausmeyer Construction also loves to give back to our Wichita community. In the interest of being a community patron, Don has been a Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization (SASO) member since the late 1970’s, and in 2010 he began a partnership with SASO to build a Shocker House each year. It takes an entire team of businesses and partnerships throughout the community who donate their labor and materials to help home contractors make the Shocker House a reality. Upon the sale of each home, one hundred percent of the profits go to the SASO, which benefits Wichita State University’s student athletes. Between 2010 and 2016, the Shocker Houses contributed more than $225,000 to SASO, providing academic support to more than 300 student athletes at Wichita State University.